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Excel-centric, enterprise ready.

Why FluenceXL (Formerly XLCubed)

With our origins as a client tool for Analysis Services, FluenceXL now connects to a wide range of data sources including Power BI, SAP HANA, IBM TM1, Oracle Essbase and relational SQL databases.

We work in an extended Excel environment which users are comfortable in, addressing PivotTable restrictions and with straightforward web and mobile deployment. The result is the sophistication and capability of a bespoke BI tool extended with the flexibility of Excel. Business users are more productive, and in control of their reporting and analysis needs. Faster, more flexible report design frees up users time for value-added analysis, while IT can focus on the data platform rather than responding to adhoc business reporting requests.

Self-service reporting

Business users can leverage their existing skills within an extended and data-connected Excel environment. Our Excel client addresses the limitations of pivot tables and adds huge capability in analytics and data visualisation.
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Web and mobile deployment

Reports and responsive dashboards developed by Excel users can be published to a governed Web platform in seconds. Corporate security is retained, and the reports can be instantly and interactively accessed by web and mobile users.
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Power BI

FluenceXL adds the rich self-serve and ad-hoc reporting capabilities which many Finance teams and analysts find missing in Power BI. Connect directly to Power BI data from extended-Excel for both ad-hoc queries and advanced reporting.
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Making "save to Excel" a thing of the past

FluenceXL grew from the reporting requirements of an Oil sector pricing solution in the early 2000s. An analytics layer had been developed in Microsoft Analysis Services, with a standalone slice and dice tool and comprehensive reports. Despite that it seemed all the users wanted to do was ‘save to Excel’ for further analysis or formatting.

A better way

We felt there had to be a better way and developed the forerunner of FluenceXL, aiming to provide enough flexibility in data-connected Excel to avoid the need for static saving. Others agreed - fast forward to today and FluenceXL is a standalone company and product with over 750 customers including many household names.

Modern day success

We remain Excel-centric, but with governed and highly scalable Web and Mobile deployment. Our partners and users love the inherent flexibility, and we now provide support for a growing range of data sources. And the original Fuels Pricing package from which FluenceXL grew? It’s now pricing for over 40,000 gas stations and 100,000 wholesale buyers globally:

Looking for an upgrade?

We have seen many customers successfully upgrade from competitive products. They are typically searching for more flexibility, better data visualisation, or in some cases to replicate a strong in-Excel client experience which Pivot Tables can't match.

FluenceXL's in-Excel model helps generate early traction with the business users, often key to a project's ultimate success.Here are some thoughts on the most frequent upgrades we have seen over the years.

Proprietary BI tools

Core Microsoft tools

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The customer perspective

We work closely with key customers and partners to ensure FluenceXL helps them work smarter in all aspects of reporting. We value customer feedback and many of our best ideas have been customer inspired. A number of regional customer events have helped highlight some of the main benefits customers see from the products.