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Extended reporting & analytics in Excel

With a familiar and intuitive interface, you'll be creating quality reports in moments. Connect directly to your data and extend the skills you already have to become more productive faster.
Excel Dashboard

Connect to your live data directly from Excel

FluenceXL (formerly known as XLCubed) connects Excel directly to trusted corporate data sources, removing the risks of Excel as a database while extending its capabilities in reporting, analytics and data visualization. With our origins in Microsoft Analysis Services, FluenceXL now connects to a wide range of sources including Power BI, TM1, HANA and many more.

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Explore, analyse, and understand your data

Flexible and dynamic selections, data-aware calculations and intuitive slice and dice exploration helps you get the information you need, fast. Numbers can be quickly broken down to their constituent parts, and data can be explored visually through interactive charting. Urgent reports or analysis can be turned around quickly by business users in an intuitive, no-code model.

Slice & dice

User defined calculations

Deep excel integration

Advanced sorting & ranking

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Business chart dashboard

Interactive, data-connected charting

FluenceXL adds drillable, interactive charting to Excel. Waterfall charts, variance charts, and many others can be further explored as 'small multiples' split by any part of the business structure. Intelligent defaults and a business semantic layer reduce manual formatting and help deliver consistent, professional reporting across an organization.

Our charts and tables use the best-practice visualization approach of the International Business Communication Standards, of which we are a certified software provider.

FluenceXL also provides additional components to address the limitations of native Excel, including viewports, repeaters, in-cell charts and template tables. See interactive charting for yourself.

Share & Collaborate dashboard

Share reports at scale on a governed web platform

FluenceXL Web enables simple, secure, and highly scalable sharing of Excel-developed reports with Web and Mobile users. Reports retain the data connection and associated security, and can be as interactive or controlled as required. Analysis and insights can be quickly shared through commentary and discussion threads. Data at any level can be commented on to explain anomalies or questioned to start an in-context discussion.

World-class reports and dashboards

FluenceXL reports are completely customizable in terms of layout and formatting, whilst remaining data connected. Quick analysis, formal financial reports, and responsive dashboards are easy to build and can be designed to fit any device.