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Fluence + FluenceXL = unmatched value for finance teams

Through our acquisition of XLCubed, the market leader in data-connected Excel reporting, Fluence offers a full spectrum of financial and finance-led reporting  - including balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow reporting. Compliant across countries and accounting standards. Deliver interactive, insighful reports on any data, for any business user, on any device - with no coding or IT needed.

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FluenceXL (formerly XLCubed) extends what’s possible with data-connected Excel, giving users the agility they need in reporting while retaining data integrity for IT. Interactive, responsive reports can be shared with web and mobile users within a fully governed model.

Why customers love FluenceXL

"It is the speed and power of [FluenceXL] that has established its value to analysts"

"Allows us to respond quickly to new business opportunities and challenges"

"The flexibility our users need to unlock the potential in our data"

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"Enabled us to deliver reports faster than ever before"

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Led by finance, trusted by everyone

Slash close times by 90% and distribute reports the instant the books close for smarter, more agile decision-making.
Work in the familiarity of Excel and enjoy rapid adoption rates, with no IT or coding required.
Produce real-time financial, management and operational reports on any metric or KPI - on any device.
Automate any financial consolidation, close or reporting process and focus on strategy and analysis.
Feel secure with built-in controls and governance that everyone can trust.

Self-serve reporting designed for finance

Connected excel

for interactive reports that are secure and auditable.

Finance-focused data

for real-time reporting tailored to any business audience.

Financial templates & models

to easily create professional standard (IBCS compliant) reports.

Automated report distribution

to provide instant insights for stakeholders.

Fluence & FluenceXL: Even Better Together

Embedded in our consolidation solution or as a standalone financial reporting tool, FluenceXL is even more powerful when it's built on the Fluence platform.

Fluence makes FluenceXL reporting even more trusted, transparent and data connected.

Financial workflow & controls

to ensure confidence in numbers.

Business data connectivity

for real-time reporting tailored to any business audience.



for true freedom and flexibility over data and reporting.

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Why finance-led reporting needs data-connected Excel

For the last 20 years, FP&A, close and consolidation software vendors have tried in vain to get their customers to abandon Excel. Not only was the effort futile - it was downright wrong.

Discover what data-connected Excel can bring to your finance department today.

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