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Financial Close Management

Shave days off your close and gain control, transparency and confidence in the numbers your team is reporting with Fluence Financial Close Management.
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In this time of decentralization and with management's desire to close faster, how can teams not only adapt, but find ways to thrive?
Fluence turns static checklists, sign-offs, recs, accruals and reports into a turnkey dynamic engine with workflow, automation, control and transparency.
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How it Helps


Fluence has a solution that helps you close faster with more confidence.


We provide instant insight into close oriented activities, keeping everyone in the loop and providing a layer of transparency that results in peace of mind during one of the most strenuous times of the month, quarter or year.


We automate the manual work of the close process. From account reconciliations to accruals, we eliminate the concept of standalone spreadsheets and turns Excel into a powerful weapon to manage the close.

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Learn how to close smarter, not harder.


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Reduce the time it takes to complete a close cycle by up to 80%.

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Easily track where people are in the month-end close process with easy-to-configure drag-and-drop workflows.

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Have decision-ready reports faster.

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Validate and ensure that the numbers are correct and up to date.

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Audit and track every movement of the close process in real-time, data save and sign off throughout your close.

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