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With over 700 customers and 30 partners globally, across every industry sector, FluenceXL (formerly XLCubed) helps businesses unlock the potential in their data. See how your organisation could achieve the flexibility, speed and web publishing simplicity you need to deliver across all aspects of business intelligence and reporting.

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Why customers love FluenceXL

"It is the speed and power of [FluenceXL] that has established its value to analysts"

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"Allows us to respond quickly to new business opportunities and challenges"

"The flexibility our users need to unlock the potential in our data"

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"Enabled us to deliver reports faster than ever before"

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Unrivalled flexibility: "There is always a way"

Ultimately the products need to work in your environment and on your data. You can try FluenceXL completely free for 30 days, no strings attached. And if you want to find out more, get in touch to arrange a web based discussion and demo.

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