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Governed sharing of interactive reports & dashboards

Share data-connected, Excel-developed reports and dashboards across your organisation quickly and securely for access on any device.

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Web Dashboard

From Excel to governed web and mobile in seconds

Business users can share their Excel-developed reports and dashboards with browser and mobile app users in just a few clicks. Our use of Excel as the presentation layer and not the database ensures that existing corporate security within the data is fully respected. Existing Active Directory roles and groups or SSO authentication can be quickly assimilated into XLCubed Web for folder level access rights.

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Data security
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Simple report deployment

Interactive, responsive dashboards for any device

Interactive dashboards can be developed in Excel using all the regular XLCubed features and then published to XLCubed Web for easy sharing. Dashboards remain interactive, meaning users can slice and dice their data, make dynamic selections, and drill down to detail.

XLCubed dashboards auto-fit any screen size and their layout can be optimized simply for any device type. Access in the browser or through the XLCubed Mobile app.

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Data Dashboard on multiple devices

Schedule automated report delivery

An integrated scheduler provides automated delivery of pixel-perfect reporting by PDF, PowerPoint or static Excel, taking the pain out of monthly reporting cycles.


Embed class-leading reporting in your application

Embed any content in your custom portal using our Javascript API or use our visual for Power BI to surface XLCubed content within Power BI reports and dashboards.


Commentary and shared insights

Analysis and insights can be quickly shared through commentary and discussion threads. Data at any level can be commented on to explain anomalies or questioned to start an in-context discussion.

Supplementary details can be added as file attachments. Comments are connected to the data rather than a cell, so will always appear in their correct context.

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