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financial consolidation

Accelerate and control the financial close process with the Fluence financial consolidation solution.

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Financial Consolidation

Deliver financial statements in record time with accuracy and control. Leverage financial tools you’re familiar with to navigate foreign exchange translation, inter-company eliminations, complex legal structures and both GAAP and IFRS reporting requirements - powered by Vena.

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88% of standalone Excel spreadsheets have significant errors. Closing your books in Fluence can dramatically reduce your time and effort and eliminate significant data and reporting risks.

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How it Helps


Fluence provides speed, accuracy, transparency and control over your financial reporting.


We enable you to continue using a financial tool that’s flexible and that you’re familiar with – Excel.


We provide a secure cloud repository for financial information paired with workflow, and a dynamic calculation engine to support foreign exchange, intercompany eliminations and your unique consolidation logic.


You really can have your cake and eat it too – the ease and flexibility of Excel; and the control, power and performance of the latest database technology.

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Your aha! moment awaits. Learn more about streamlining your Consolidation process.

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Reduce the time it takes to close the books by up to 80%

Streamline the auditing process - Save money and send those auditors home early thanks to read only access, digitized sign-offs and supporting documentation.

Spend less time on the mechanics of closing the books and focus on things that move the business forward.

Have decision ready reports and models at your fingertips that are easily accessible across the entire organization.

Experience the peace of mind of having a single version of the financial truth.

Easily share decision ready reports and models across the entire organization.

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