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XLCubed extends OLAP-based Pivot Tables to enable calculated fields.

A big user complaint about cube-connected PivotTables is that they can’t add calculated fields as they can with a regular PivotTable – a greyed out option appears in the ribbon. Data in the Pivot Table can be referenced elsewhere in Excel, however the final report is mainly static. Users can’t add even the simplest of calculations into a report where the number of rows or columns may vary. Without PivotTable extensibility, BI developers may have to add a very large, impractical number calculations into Analysis Services.

The good news is that XLCubed Grids extend pivot table capabilities and allows users to add any Excel formula directly into the grid without any problem.

The calculations are entered as standard Excel formulae, so users are already familiar with the working environment and syntax. All Excel formulae are supported, and the calculation is cube-aware after it is entered.  The following video demonstrates Pivot Table capabilities are extended in XLCubed to give BI professionals far more flexibility.

Further Pivot table performance extensions

XLCubed also enables users to create workbook-level calculated members and sets. However, in the vast majority of cases, users only want to be able to add a simple calculated column into a PivotTable (or in our case a Grid). XLCubed provides users with a simple pivot extension solution.

XLCubed also helps PivotTable users who experience performance issues, hierarchy selection restrictions or “PivotTable will overwrite” messages, among other limitations.

Some larger companies have developed their own OLAP Pivot Table Extensions to address some of the key gaps, however this requires significant resource and ongoing internal support and development. XLCubed takes this approach further, having developed an industrial strength, easy-to-use and focused reporting tool that adds functionality and flexibility across a wide range of areas and extends Pivot Table functionality in any version of Excel.

What PivotTable functions does XLCubed extend?

A PivotTable frequently lacks the sophistication required by Analytics professionals. XLCubed liberates BI professionals; they can:

Build 'joined up' reports and overcome Pivot Table islands

XLCubed grids can be driven from slicers and Excel ranges, meaning all elements of your report are interlinked.

Add calculations to OLAP or data-connected Pivot Tables

Users can add standard Excel formulae into cube connected grids. The formula is dynamic and will grow and shrink as needed with data volumes.

Put an end to slow queries

Pivot Tables can generate inefficient MDX, leading to slow queries and frustrated users. Using an XLCubed Grid as a 'like for like' Pivot Table replacement can give significant performance gains.

Full Pivot Table comparison

  • Improved use of cube hierarchies
  • Slice & Dice analytics
  • Advanced ranking, sorting and filtering
  • Formula reporting
  • Flexible slicers
  • Extended visualisation
  • Web publication
  • Mobile access