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Transfer your Excel skills to deliver screen responsive reporting

Access published reports anywhere, anytime

Design reports and dashboards in Excel suited to dynamically fit your device's screensize.

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Easy Data Access

XLCubed Mobile provides device optimised access to reports running on any accessible XLCubedWeb server. The environment is touch optimised, and provides a familiar experience for report selection and navigation.

XLCubed helps users deliver formal reports and dashboards, and to answer business questions quickly and easily. Data connected reports and dashboards can be built in Excel, and published to XLCubed Web for use in browsers, smartphones and tablets. We provide access to a publicly available demo server with several pre-loaded reports to let users experience the app without first having to configure their XLCubed Web server.

Dynamic Dashboards

Responsive, device optimised dashboards can be developed in Excel using all the regular XLCubed features and then published to XLCubed Web for simple mobile use. The reports auto-fit any screen size and their layout can be optimised simply for any device type.