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MIS Plain to XLCubed: taking Excel further

XLCubed offers the familiarity of an Excel addin with the advantages of greater data visualisation capabilities and web deployment.

MIS Plain is an Excel add-in reporting on data held in MIS Alea, and Microsoft Analysis Services. Plain was developed by MIS AG, who were acquired in 2003 by Systems Union. In 2006 Systems Union was acquired by Infor.

A Smooth Transition

We have had many customers switch across from Plain over the years, and if Plain was being used on Analysis Services the transition is normally smooth. An MIS Plain upgrade to XLCubed has the advantage that the users are already used to working with active data connection in Excel, and familiar with many of the key concepts. XLCubed is a particularly strong alternative to MIS Plain as users need relatively little training, and benefit from significant new functionality in a number of areas including data visualisation, and a much more powerful web deployment option with XLCubed Web.