What Gardening Taught Me About Zero-Based Budgeting

Published on
June 10, 2020

As I was putting together this piece on Zero-Based Budgeting, I was reminded of, of all things, gardening. As a novice gardener with professional gardeners in the family, I’ve had to ask for a lot of help lately. This is only my second year with a garden and last year, everything I planned to grow, with the exception of maybe chives, didn’t quite grow as hoped. I dumped a whole package of zucchini seeds on one side of a small cedar planter along with peppers, carrots and lettuce which created a huge mess of zucchini plants that choked each other out. Squirrels dug up my carrots. My lettuce flopped over and died (I didn’t have those cone things). I think I got one or two tomatoes that we actually ate - Tiny. Little. Baby. Tomatoes.

So when it came to planting for this year, it didn’t make sense to do what I did last year. Instead, I called my gardening guru of a sister in law and she instructed me on how to freshen up last year's soil by stirring it up and removing last year’s waste and debris to prepare for growth, and guided me to plant based on what I needed, not had. (Only used 2 zucchini seeds - so far so good, by the way). It taught me that sometimes what we plan doesn’t work out, that sometimes we use more than we need and that starting from scratch in order to grow, is a good thing. A necessary thing.

Check out the piece I was working on here: https://www.fluencetech.com/resources/zero-based-budgeting


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Shobha Lee
Director - Business Development
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