Coworkers working on a report on a laptop while looking at a calendar


Collaborative data collection was never so fast to set up, distribute, use and recollect:

  • each person inputs data in a MS Word document and saves its directly towards the database
  • when change occurs, the community reacts quickly, ensuring a coherent unity
  • fully auditable
  • fully automated distribution to the relevant stakeholders, linking documents to data sources
  • keeping track of changes
  • providing workflow status and consolidating the data elements

As a result, manual repetitive tasks become negligible and data collection is achieved in a fraction of the time required today. The process is fully coherent, dynamic, audited and therefore trusted.

The beauty of the solution lays in the fact that Inversed Design has been used to conceive the application. This means a user, with sufficient rights, can easily add objects and link them to the underlying database without having to know the structure of that database. The new objects become immediately available to other users and can be inserted in any document for e.g. disclosure purposes. Also, you never have to leave the Word GUI and stumble into an Admin console. All is available right here. You monitor if your data is update thanks tot the Datasource Dashboard.