Fluence and Vena: We close early so you can plan to grow

Close 10x faster next quarter with the world’s best FP&A and consolidation software in one seamless solution
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The Best of FP&A, Close & Consolidation

If you're using Vena, you know how it's transformed your budgeting, planning and forecasting.
What if you could do the same for financial close and consolidation? What if you could close your books 10x faster - without leaving Vena or Excel?
You can with Fluence's add-on consolidation module for Vena. All in one, seamless solution. With the same Vena logins, permissions, security and workflow. All in a matter of weeks.
Welcome to Fluence. We close early.
Nucleus Research - Fluence Customers Slash the Monthly Close by 90%

Close Early with Confidence

Using Fluence and Vena together, our customers have transformed their finance and accounting functions and:

  • Slashed monthly close times by 90%
  • Increased productivity with lower operating costs
  • Improved morale and collaboration

See what the experts at Nucleus Research found out straight from our customers.

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To Plan to Grow, You Need to Close Early

Today's finance leaders need consolidation to be part of budgeting and planning. Just ask yourself:

  • How can you see your business health with numbers that are 2-3 weeks old?
  • Can you drive the best decisions with reports on weeks-old data?
  • What isn’t your team doing while they’re tied up with consolidation tasks?

The short answer is no, you can’t. And there’s plenty your team could be doing instead of manual consolidations. More frequent cash flow forecasting, assessing opportunities for M&A, expanding into new markets and more.

Fuel your FP&A with up-to-date actuals today. Book a personalized demo to see how.


And Now: A Word from Our Founder

Vena and Fluence have been strong partners since we began.

Hear what Vena and Fluence co-founder Don Mal has to say about the partnership. The origin stories. Why we're so tight. How we offer the best of both worlds.

And what that means for you.

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