Employee Appreciation Day: Boosting Morale and Productivity in Finance & Accounting

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March 1, 2024
Three employees sitting around a table with their laptops out, laughing and talking

For many industries, a motivated workforce is the cornerstone of success. This is especially true in the meticulously detailed world of finance and accounting. As an employer or leader in these departments, how you motivate and nurture your team plays a critical role in the dual goals of achieving accuracy and efficiency in financial operations while retaining top-tier talent.

On this Employee Appreciation Day, let's explore the significant impact of showing appreciation to employees in the finance and accounting departments. Notably, we'll delve into why recognizing the contributions of your team is more than just a once-a-year formality—it's a strategy that can bolster your bottom line and company culture year-round.

The Importance of Employee Appreciation

"Invest in your employees, and they'll invest in you" is an adage that holds a particular resonance in the role of finance. Job satisfaction and morale are intrinsically linked to the level of appreciation felt by employees. For accounting professionals who often work behind the scenes, ensuring their efforts are acknowledged and that they have modern tools in place for their close and reporting cycles, can be a powerful retention tool.

When employees feel that their work is valued, they are more likely to feel a sense of personal accomplishment, resulting in increased morale. This morale boost has a ripple effect, positively influencing company culture and the perception of the job, especially within a finance or accounting role that is frequently associated with high stress and tight deadlines.

Employee appreciation is a crucial factor in the fight against high turnover rates that become commonplace in the accounting and finance world. CFO Dive underscores this notion in their article, highlighting how training managers to offer recognition and taking other steps to establish a company-wide culture that embraces the approach could save a 10,000-employee company up to $16.1 million in turnover costs annually. By recognizing and rewarding the dedication and performance of your team, you can create a bond of loyalty that will be instrumental in retaining your top financial talent.

Effective Ways to Show Appreciation for Finance & Accounting Team Members

While gestures of appreciation can take various forms, there are several strategies tailored to the nuances of finance and accounting roles that can leave a lasting positive impact:

Recognition and Rewards Programs

Material and non-material rewards, whether it's a monetary bonus, a gift, or a simple 'thank you', can serve as concrete evidence of your team's value to the organization. Some more unique ways of doing this could be to Door Dash their favourite restaurant meal, provide a gift certificate to a nearby spa, or consider recognizing their achievements on an all-staff email.

Professional Development Opportunities

The accounting industry is heavily regulated and requires specialized knowledge. Organizations such as the Controllers Council and the Institue of Management Accountants (IMA) are exceptional at providing best practices, career development and more. Offering opportunities for growth and advancement through CPE-accredited courses, or allotting time for learning new ways to manage consolidation processes, can be an especially meaningful form of recognition.

Work/Life Balance

Ensuring your finance and accounting team has the opportunity to rest and recharge is important. Providing them with unexpected time off through a free half day while management looks after coverage can also serve as a strong moral booster.

Use of Modern Tools

Modernized technology can improve staff morale if it’s easy to use and automates monotonous tasks. With modern, pure-cloud technology like Fluence, your team can work from anywhere and collaborate seamlessly across financial processes like the close.

Team-building Activities

These can break the monotony of routine financial tasks and foster a sense of camaraderie and unity within the team. Mini golf, escape rooms, and even laser tag can all serve as unique ways for team members to bond after hours.

For finance leaders and professionals, it's imperative to blend the art of management with the science of numbers, and employee appreciation is a key ingredient that can make the formula for success complete. Want to learn more on how to successfully manage your team? Read about building a future-ready finance workforce here.

Three employees sitting around a table with their laptops out, laughing and talking
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