How to Add Dashboard Title in Tableau

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August 11, 2021

Interactive and responsive dashboard sheets have been a core feature of XLCubed for a number of years. Version 10.0.81 introduced dashboard titles (with additional improvements added in 10.0.98) as a further way to simplify the dashboarding process.

Titles can be added to any existing dashboard item. They can contain a text label as well as customisable buttons. The title is contained within the dashboard item for easy management, and can be toggled on or off per target.

Stacked column chart with dashboard title

Dashboard titles make it very easy to achieve the card-style effect popular in many dashboard designs. They also reduce the number of labels and viewports which would otherwise be required on the dashboard, making item management much simpler.

How to Add Title to Dashboard

To add a title to a dashboard item, select the item in the taskpane then select the ‘Show title’ checkbox. This will add a space above the item where you can right-click to edit the title.


The Appearance tab allows you to set the title text using the usual editor (font style, alignment, background colour etc. can all be congifured) as well as the height of the title.

Select the checkbox to use the item’s border settings if you want to add a border between the title and the dashboard item.

Button Actions

Buttons can be added to the title as a way to add interactivity to the dashboard. Their click action can be set to link to another location in the workbook or to zoom the dashboard item.

For example, on this dashboard, we want to allow users to expand the small multiple chart to fullscreen for easier data exploration and drilldown.

Or for another item, we want users to be able to click the button to see a detailed breakdown in a grid view.

The button display can either be an image or a text label. Any image can be loaded in, or select one of the predefined icons for a quick selection for common actions.

Tooltips can also be added to a button to offer further clarity to the user.

Dashboard title editor dialog showing button settings
Dashboard Title editor

Examples of Dashboard Titles

XLCubed dashboards provide a lot of flexibility in terms of both design and functionality. Dashboard titles make designing your dashboards even easier – what will you achieve?

Line chart with title
Titles can reference an Excel cell to display dynamic values
Table with title and link
Add titles to any item, including viewports. Buttons can be displayed as text.
Bar chart with coloured title and buttons
Background and alignment options are easy to apply. Buttons will align to the right.
Forecast column chart with title
Use titles in your IBCS compliant dashboards

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