Christmas Dashboard

Published on
December 18, 2018

Ever wondered how Santa Claus keeps track of the North Pole’s toy production all year round? He uses XLCubed of course! Take a look at the dashboard below….

There are a few key features of this dashboard:

Charts and Viewports

The areas displaying charts and the grid are brought onto the dashboard using paged viewports. This allows us to create a viewport that displays a chart (which will scale with the size of the screen) and then add a label overlay to give a centred title of fixed size.

The paged viewports also have a white background colour and grey border, to contrast with the dashboard sheet which has a light grey background. This gives the appearance of a card based design.

Map-Driven Grid

In the top left is an XLCubed map that is plotting world countries. Clicking on the map outputs the selection to an Excel cell which filters the grid in the bottom left.

The label above the grid uses an Excel range as part of its text so that the country that has been selected is visible to the user.

Responsive Design

Santa can even view the dashboard on his phone while he is out in his sleigh…

Santa Christmas Dashboard Mobile

Merry Christmas!

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