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Welcome to the Fluence family!

You're an official Fluencer now. We realize you may have specific questions about what’s in store for your product and team, and we’re here to answer them!

What does this mean for the existing XLCubed product? 

There will be no changes to the existing product.

When are we going to get training? Pricing info?
Sales materials?

We’re already hard at work on a partner enablement plan to help you:

  • Understand the new market opportunities
  • Learn the features, benefits and competitive value
  • Get the required training on the XLCubed product (standalone and integrated with Fluence)
  • Develop talk tracks, sales decks and related materials

How’s pricing going to change?

No immediate plans, but we’ll be evaluating. Rest assured, we’ll always be ensuring you have the most opportunity for new, reliable revenue while providing your customers with the best value for their money.

How is our revenue sharing going to change?

Right now nothing’s going to change...we remain committed to being a partner-first organization, so any changes will be designed to provide you with greater revenue opportunities.

What’s Fluence’s consolidation software all about? What’s the value? The potential market?

To give you an idea of the potential market for our consolidation software, our research shows that 7 out of 10 finance teams still do their consolidation in Excel, which is:

  • Time-consuming, error-prone and unproductive
  • Risky, opening companies up to legal, regulatory and reputational consequences
  • Unrewarding for trained finance professionals - leading to morale issues and more

Fluence’s purpose-built consolidation and close software delivers game changing efficiencies and trusted, timely numbers for CFOs and finance teams, leading to customer results like:

  • Closing the books with confidence 10x faster each month
  • Cutting the annual audit in half (time and cost)
  • Seeing same-day cash flow and business performance numbers

How did the acquisition happen and why?

Consolidation, close and reporting are ideally suited to be offered as a single solution - addressing a gap for finance-owned software for reporting on finance-focused data. Effective business planning is informed by trusted, insightful reporting - and it all starts with accurate, timely financials from the consolidation and close process. While our roots are in consolidation, you’ll soon see our product positioning become increasingly reporting-led thanks to XLCubed:

  • Financial and finance-led reporting will be the "tip of the spear" for a growing number of our future customers.
  • Recognizing that trusted, timely consolidated actuals are invaluable to finance, but for the business, only as far as they can be turned into decision-driving insights with effective, finance-led reporting.

What else can you tell me about your new products - the ones we’ll be able to offer our customers?

Our existing financial consolidation and close solution, now with XLCubed reporting, for customers with more complex ownership structures:

  • With multiple subsidiaries, investments, business units and other entities
  • Operating in different regions with multiple currencies and reporting requirements
  • With multiple ERP systems, charts of accounts, year ends and more
  • Even more so for the 7/10 companies that still use Excel for consolidation

A new, standalone financial reporting solution for customers who need:

  • XLCubed’s reporting functionality with added data connectivity, workflow automation, process and data controls
  • To report on financial and operational data, from internal and external sources
  • A powerful reporting tool that finance can own - no coding or IT required

Who’s our contact?

The same account manager you’ve been working with all along. Contact them with questions or join us for an exclusive webinar for XLCubed partners on November 16.

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