CPMview Becomes the Latest Fluence Implementation Partner

July 30, 2020

Fluence Technologies and CPMview partner up to provide the next evolution in financial consolidation solutions for the mid-sized enterprise in the EMEA region

Fluence Technologies and CPMview today announced astrategic partnership to optimize Corporate Performance Management (CPM)processes using Fluence’s powerful financial cloud solution.

Fluence Technologies offers anext-generation cloud consolidation solution that powers a faster and moreconfident financial close for companies of all size. It combines the ease andflexibility of Excel with the control and efficiency of a traditionalenterprise consolidation platform.

"CFOs at mid-market companies have the sameissues as their larger competitors, but lack the correspondingly large budgetsand headcounts,” said Fluence CEO, John Power. “Fluencebridges that gap by significantly streamlining complexity without sacrificingfunctionality.”

CPMview is a specialist in corporateperformance management (CPM) and advises, implements and supervises CPMprojects. The team seeks to unify, modernize and automate finance and analyticsusing innovative technologies on all reporting steps from ‘record-to-close’,‘consolidate-to-disclose’, ‘plan-to-act’ and ‘insight-to-decide’.

Damien Wiegman, Managing and Founding Partner ofCPMview comments: “It is our mission to help finance managers for companies ofall sizes to make decisions based on timely, accurate and reliable information.We strongly believe Fluence Technologies can support our mission, as thepowerful cloud solution can be deployed in weeks and help our clients toconsolidate and report rapidly and accurately. We are looking forward to bringcontinued added value to our clients with Fluence and combine our decades ofexperience in the field.”

“We believe that a strategic partnership with CPMviewis ideal for the evolving needs of our customers on a global scale and togetherwe will provide our shared customers with a modern solution that eliminatesinefficiencies and allows a faster and more confident financial close,” added Fluence Executive Chairman, Don Mal.

By combining the extended implementation experience ofCPMview with the sophisticated, but easy to use Fluence consolidation engine,organizations close, consolidate and reporting processes can be faster and moreaccurate than ever before.

About Fluence Technologies

Fluence Technologies is a global company headquarteredin Toronto, Canada that offers an enterprise-class consolidation solution,priced and designed for the mid-market. Their next-generation cloud solutioncombines the ease and flexibility of Excel with a proprietary consolidationengine that can be owned and maintained by finance.

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About CPMview

CPMview is a specialist in corporateperformance management (CPM). With our combined expertise in finance, processesand modern technologies, we help our clients make informed decisions. Oursolutions contribute to reliable, intelligent financial processes that savetime and prevent unpleasant surprises.

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