Capitalize Analytics and Fluence Technologies Partner to Bring Financial Close Solutions to Clients

April 4, 2023

Dallas, Texas and Toronto, Canada, April 4,, 2023 – Capitalize Data Analytics LLC, a leading data analytics firm based in Dallas Texas, and Fluence Technologies, a leader in  financial close, consolidation, and report management solutions announce a strategic partnership. The two companies will be working together to offer comprehensive financial close management solutions to high-growth companies across various industries.

Through the partnership, Capitalize Data Analytics LLC and Fluence Technologies will combine expertise and resources to develop and deliver innovative financial close, consolidation, and reporting production solutions to help organizations increase confidence in the numbers,  improve efficiency, and scale their business with ease. The partnership will provide clients with automated solutions that can help them conduct an efficient, agile, and autonomous close.

“We are thrilled to partner with Fluence Technologies and bring our innovative solutions to clients across North America,” said Brian Zahn, Managing Partner of Capitalize Data Analytics LLC. “Their expertise in software development and automation aligns with our vision of streamlining financial consolidation and financial close processes for our clients.”

Fluence Technologies CEO, Michael Morrison added, “This partnership is a natural fit for us combining Fluence’s modern technology with the deep rooted CPM expertise at Capitalize. Together, we will deliver an end-to-end financial close management platform to help growing firms achieve greater efficiency and scale their businesses with ease.”

Capitalize Data Analytics LLC and Fluence Technologies will provide a comprehensive suite of financial consolidation and financial close solutions, including automated journal entries, intercompany reconciliation, account reconciliation, financial reporting and disclosure management for companies across various industries, including mining, construction, oil and gas, energy and utilities, and manufacturing.

The partnership is expected to drive growth for both companies and support modern finance teams seeking innovative close management solutions to make smarter decisions faster and achieve their business objectives.

About Capitalize Data Analytics LLC

Capitalize Data Analytics LLC is a leading data analytics firm based in Dallas, Texas. The company provides data-driven solutions that help organizations optimize their operations, drive growth, and gain a competitive edge. Capitalize Data Analytics LLC offers a range of services, including predictive modeling, data visualization, and data management.

About Fluence Technologies

Fluence Technologies puts control in the hands of finance and accounting teams so they can close faster, report with confidence, and do more with less. Only the Fluence financial close, consolidation, and report management platform delivers an enterprise-grade, out-of-the-box solution for modern, high-growth companies. Truly cloud-based and finance-owned, Fluence’s no-code approach means accelerated time to value and immediate adoption. Welcome to Fluence where we close early.

Fluence Technologies offers a next-generation cloud consolidation solution that powers a faster and more confident financial close for companies of all size. It combines the ease, and flexibility of Excel with the control and efficiency of a traditional enterprise consolidation platform.
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