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Slash Financial Close Times up to 90%

Legacy solutions were great 10-20 years ago, but finance teams now need more innovative consolidation solutions to close early.

Meet Fluence. A next generation SaaS solution that can drastically reduce close times, be implemented in 60 days & is half the cost.

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Legacy Solutions Can't Keep Up

Many legacy solutions are either sunsetting their consolidation solutions or choosing to no longer invest in further development or support. While they are lifting their solutions into the cloud, upgrades and maintenance will still require third parties and be costly, and time consuming, and worse of all, still result in lengthy close times and inhibit your team from scaling efficiently.

But what if there was a better choice? What if there was a way to enhance your existing tech stack with a true cloud solution that helped you drastically reduce close times? And was it cost effective? And could be migrated and implemented in weeks, not months?

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Modern Tech with Deep Roots

Built by the architects behind IBM Controller, OutlookSoft, BPC and more, Fluence is the next evolution in consolidation & reporting software. Fluence’s modern approach drastically reduces close times by being:

True out-of-the-box -  Pre-set with calculations, logic and rules, & starter kits for every complex consolidation need.

Finance owned - Ability to configure validation rules, permissions & more without IT or consultants.

Future Proof - Meets all your consolidation & reporting needs as your business changes over time

No black box - Get complete visibility & transparency into every account, transaction and rule

Pure Play SaaS - Security, scalability, performance & doesn’t require a “new project” to upgrade

The best part is that our migration framework-utility supports the migration of hierarchies, dimensional data, historical data, saving up to 70-80% of the transition efforts. 

See the difference a modern solution can make on your financial close. 

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Ready to modernize your consolidation?

Fluence customers have seen huge benefits including up to a 90% reduction in financial close and reporting times. And the best part, Fluence is out of the box, which means it’s quick to implement and has a fast time to value.

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