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Financial Consolidation for Mining

Slash your consolidation & close times up to 90%

Give your accounting team more time, confidence and freedom with consolidation software from Fluence. 

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Legacy solutions leave mining companies stuck between a rock & a hard place

Mining companies can handle consolidation with Excel.  But spreadsheets are full of errors, and managing them can be painful, especially as you grow and expand your operations. 

On the other hand, ERP modules and corporate performance management (CPM) solutions are extremely costly and take months to roll out and longer to learn.

What about you? Where’s the consolidation software designed for your specific needs as a fast growing mining company?

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Enterprise functionality without the price tag

Fluence’s unique approach to consolidation differentiates us from the other solutions in the market by being:

  • True out of the box: Has pre-set with calculations, logic and rules that go beyond templates and starter kits for every complex consolidation need.
  • No black box: Get complete visibility and transparency into every account, transaction and rule
  • Legal/Regulatory: Have a single solution for all your internal, external and regulatory consolidation needs.
  • Finance Owned: Ability to configure validation rules, permissions and more without IT or consultants.
  • Future Proof: Meets all your consolidation and reporting needs as your business changes over time.

Get the power without the price. Without the learning curve. Without the pain. And get it all up and running before the end of the year.

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