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Financial Consolidation for High Growth Companies

Take the stress out of post acquisition financial reporting

Fluence helps CFOs accelerate the close process, enabling you to report to management, the board and investors faster, more accurately and with greater insight.

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CFO stuck in the hot seat:

Current consolidation processes inhibit ability to quickly add new entities

CFOs of high growth companies are under immense pressure to get the newly consolidated numbers out quickly. However, CFOs struggle to meet these expectations as each acquisition tends to expose the weaknesses of their current processes and requires a significant amount of time and effort to add new entities to their systems. 

Whether they are using a complex set of spreadsheets or keeping the lights on a legacy consolidation tool that hasn’t kept pace with the time, the impact is often the same, the close takes longer, requires more effort and resources, and increases the risk of misstatement.

But what if there was a better way?

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Rapidly add new entities without breaking the bank

Fluence’s unique approach to consolidation helps eliminate the stress of adding new entities by being: 

  • True out of the box: Built in calculations that can be edited or added to, logic and rules that go beyond templates and starter kits for every complex consolidation need.
  • No black box: Get complete visibility and transparency into every account, transaction and rule
  • Legal/Regulatory: Have a single solution for all your internal, external and regulatory consolidation needs.
  • Finance Owned: Ability to configure validation rules, permissions and more without IT or consultants.
  • Future Proof: Meets all your consolidation and reporting needs as your business changes over time.

Get the power without the price. Without the learning curve. Without the pain. And get it all up and running faster and with less effort that you’d expect.

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