Welcome to the Fluence family!

You're an official Fluencer now. We realize you may have specific questions about what’s in store for your product and team, and we’re here to answer them!

What does this mean for XLCubed?

1. Two things right off the bat:

  • Increased investment!  Fluence plans to significantly increase the investment in XLCubed development, marketing and go-to-market resources.
  • XLCubed isn’t going anywhere! We’ll continue selling XLCubed as is; the software your customers/partners know and love, under the XLCubed brand.

2. XLCubed is now owned by Fluence, but will operate as a critically important business segment within Fluence.

3. In addition to selling the software as it is today, XLCubed will also be:

  • Offered as a powerful, standalone financial and management reporting solution, built on the Fluence platform, under the Fluence  brand.
  • Embedded in the Fluence close and consolidation platform for financial and management reporting branded as Fluence.

What does this mean for our jobs?

  • Nothing, except that you’re official Fluencers now - part of a 60-person, rapidly growing company backed by Silicon Valley investors and led by one of the most experienced management teams in the business.
  • You’ll be getting Fluence email addresses and shared calendars, and you’ll probably meet some of your Canadian and American colleagues over Zoom before long.
  • Other than that, keep doing what you do best.

What’s happening to the XLCubed brand?

1. XLCubed is officially part of Fluence now, but for the time being and will operate as its own division of the company. 

2. The core XLCubed product will still be offered as XLCubed, while it powers the reporting for Fluence’s existing and future solutions:

  • embedded in our close and consolidation solution, 
  • central to our new standalone financial reporting solution
  • both offered under the Fluence brand

Who's the boss now?

1. The XLCubed organization will remain almost exactly as it is now, operating for now as its own business segment within the company. 

2. Mark Scanlon will be moving on from his full-time role but will continue as a strategic advisor to the CEO and the Board of Directors of Fluence.

3. The rest of the team will report to two XLCubed executives who are joining the Fluence leadership team.  Fluence’s new XLCubed:

  • Gary Crawford, COO - XLCubed (Operations team, reporting to Fluence CEO Michael Morrison)
  • Craig Salter, CTO - XLCubed (Development team, reporting to Fluence COO John Power)

How does this impact our existing customer
and partner agreements?

  • There is no impact to existing agreements between XLCubed and its customers and partners.
  • All customers and partners will benefit from Fluence’s increased investment in the XLCubed business.
  • All customers and partners will be able to take advantage of the broader technology solution offered through the combination of Fluence and XLCubed.

Are we moving to Canada?

Only if you want to 🙂. Seriously though, Fluence has aggressive growth plans for the UK and Continental Europe and you’re a big part of that:

  • It’s one of the many reasons we were so interested in acquiring XLCubed and BiX. 
  • We view the current XLCubed and BiX team (in UK and France) and customer base as a great start to launching these growth plans - giving us an immediate foothold into a market we’re going to build on aggressively. 

But...if you are interested in moving to Canada for personal reasons, let us know. We’ll see what we can do to support you.

What’s happening to Mark?

Mark will be moving on from his full-time role but will continue as a strategic advisor to the CEO and the Board of Directors of Fluence. He’s also invested part of his proceeds from the acquisition into Fluence - a clear sign of his commitment to you, Fluence and what the future holds.

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