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You're an official Fluencer now. We realize you may have specific questions about what’s in store for your product and team, and we’re here to answer them!

What’s going to happen to XLCubed? The company? People? Product?

XLCubed is now part of Fluence but, will operate as its own business segment, with two XLCubed executives joining the Fluence leadership team:

  • Gary Crawford as COO, XLCubed
  • Craig Salter as CTO, XLCubed

Mark Scanlon the CEO of XLCubed will become a strategic advisor to Fluence, which he sees as the ideal company to lead XLCubed through a new phase of innovation. Mark also invested significant proceeds from the acquisition back into Fluence as a clear indication of his confidence in the company and its future.

Jointly, we are committed to investing in our people and enhancing the product through new investments in development, customer success and sales and marketing. The product and people aren’t going anywhere - the same people, the same software with the same support you’ve come to rely on.

Will all your products still work? Still be supported? Any being sunsetted?

Yes, all  the reporting products you’ve come to rely on will continue to be offered, enhanced and supported by the XLCubed team and its partners - now backed up by additional resources from Fluence. 

Fluence will continue investing in R&D to bring new innovations to the XLCubed offering, including:

  • Deeper integration with big data cloud platforms and accelerators
  • Deeper integration with Power BI including write options
  • Increased Web-based report building capability
  • Excel online

What’s happening to the BI product and customers who use it?

No change here either. You can continue to use the software you’ve come to love and rely on daily, now supported by additional Fluence resources and investments.

Is Fluence going to make us buy into their whole platform? 

No. But...if you need to modernize your consolidation and close process - to close your books with confidence, 10x faster - we’re a natural choice. Like XLCubed, Fluence's solution is Excel-based, data-connected and built on more than 20 years of innovation.

What if we don’t need consolidation software?
Can we keep using XLCubed?

Absolutely, XLCubed will continue as its own business segment. Continue using the  product you know and trust today, with added support from Fluence - including added transparency, data connectivity and automation if you need it.

What’s this consolidation solution?

Like XLCubed, Fluence is a market leader in self-serve, Excel-based solutions for (primarily) the office of finance - in our case purpose-built for financial consolidation and close and reporting. Our solution combines Excel, workflow automation, built-in financial models and more to automate consolidation and close processes. We deliver game-changing efficiencies and trusted, timely numbers for CFOs and finance teams, so they see quick, concrete results like: 

  • Closing the books with confidence 10x faster each month
  • Cutting the annual audit in half (time and cost)
  • Seeing same-day cash flow and business performance numbers, and more

For more info, visit our site for product details, analyst reviews and demo videos.

We are a large Enterprise. Will XLCubed continue to work with us given the mid-market focus of Fluence?

Absolutely. You can continue to enjoy the same software. But if you do have any complex consolidation needs, Fluence is a natural choice. While designed for quick deployment and instant adoption for mid-market customers, Fluence scales to meet the consolidation needs of customers of any size and business complexity - e.g. companies:

  • With multiple subsidiaries, investments, business units and other entities
  • Operating in different regions, currencies with different reporting requirements
  • Managing finances with multiple ERPs, charts of accounts, year ends and more

Who’s handling customer success, support, services? Sales?

Nothing is changing in this regard. Keep in touch with your XLCubed contacts or partners.

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