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Why Not Me? Improving Management Reporting for the Mid-Market

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Improving management reporting is a top requirement for most companies. This capability is dependent on reliable and accurate actual data supplied on a timely basis by a robust consolidation solution. Join Craig Schiff, President & CEO, BPM Partners and Guy Menard, VP of Product and consolidation guru, in this webinar as they review common barriers to streamlining the close process, how to overcome these, and what to look for in a solution that delivers real-time, up-to-date information from across the business.

Consolidations for mid-market enterprise is more important than ever as companies look for more insight at the entity level and an expedited close to get a better sense of how they’re performing.

According to a Forbes study, 88% of large consolidation spreadsheets have significant errors. For too long small to mid-size companies have been left with the decision to either continue to live in an Excel-based consolidation process or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and months (or potentially years) to stand up a consolidation solution.

In this webinar you will hear customer case studies, see a live demonstration and learn:

  • How mid-market companies are attaining a level of peace of mind that was previously out of reach when it comes to the close
  • How to recognize signs that a formal approach to consolidations/management reporting is needed
  • How to manage complexities such as currency translation, non-controlling interest and minority ownership, intercompany eliminations, multi-stakeholder/multi-GAAP reporting, internal management reporting, external board reporting and regulatory reporting/filings 
  • How to optimize processes, and continue to use a financial tool that’s both flexible and familiar – Excel
  • How modern technology is democratizing consolidations and creating equal opportunity for companies of all sizes to automate and de-risk their close process, versus getting swept away by the anxiety that can often be attributed to large-scale, complex implementations


Craig Schiff
President & CEO
BPM Partners
Guy Menard
VP of Operations
Fluence Technologies