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Financial Planning & Analysis
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Accelerate your financial planning process and improve your operational and financial insight.
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Financial Planning & Analysis

Accelerate your financial planning process and improve your operations and financial insight with Fluence Planning and Forecasting - powered by Vena.


How do you tighten your planning cycle while engaging more people in the process and providing improved insights?

How it Helps


A centralized cloud repository of planning and budgeting information keeps your data consistent across the company and ensures data integrity. We can integrate with any source - from green screen GLs to modern cloud ERPs. This allows a single version of the truth that is always complete and up to date.


Use drag and drop workflow functions to easily define and automate your budgeting and forecasting process. Assign teams and engage as many individuals as you need - push planning to the edges of the organization - where insights and the impact of changes in the business are first identified.


Leverage Excel in a way that you never imagined possible - Implement version control, audit trail, workflow, powerful data consolidation with leading data security, scalability and advanced modelling while utilizing a tool that your entire team is already comfortable with. Integrate with MS office and advanced reporting and analytics to ensure everyone is always on the same page.

We’re offering 15-minutes of F&A best practices to support your business.

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Reduce the time it takes to prepare your annual plan from months to weeks, or weeks to days.

Engage more people in the planning process while also demanding less time from field and operations resources.

Easily share decision ready reports and models across the entire organization.

Perform complex budgeting calculations in excel without any linkage or data integrity issues.

Align your organization to a single version of the financial truth.

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