Fluence Technologies wins Dresner Advisory Services 2023 Technology Innovation Award

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March 5, 2024
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In the constantly evolving realm of accounting technology, standing out as an innovator represents a significant achievement for any organization. Fluence Technologies is proud to announce that it has received the 2023 Technology Innovation Award from Dresner Advisory Services, in the category of financial close, consolidation and reporting (FCCR). In this article, we explore this.

About Dresner Advisory Services

Dresner, founded and guided by Howard Dresner, specializes in analyzing, recognizing, and disseminating thought leadership in the most progressive sectors of business technology. Their expert analysts steer decision-making processes around business intelligence and performance management.

The Dresner Technology Innovation Awards

The Dresner Technology Innovation Awards, held annually, acknowledge vendors who rank highly in Dresner's Wisdom of Crowds® thematic market studies. The recipients of this accolade are not arbitrary nominations, but strategic leaders based on data gathered from end users and offer real-world insights into different technical capabilities covered in Dresner's annual research. These reports delve into current deployment patterns, user goals, and industry capacities.

The Dresner Advisory thematic market studies provide an unparalleled analysis of user behaviors and dynamics, while recognizing suppliers who offer the most comprehensive solutions in these technical areas.

Significance of the FCCR Category

The FCCR category in Dresner’s Technology Innovation Awards recognizes financial technologies that optimize the financial close, consolidation, and reporting process. These tools enhance precision, compliance, and efficiency for financial teams across all industries. Awarded companies automate accounting processes, reduce errors, and support informed decision-making for CFOs and more.

Spotlight on Fluence Technologies

Fluence Technologies’ innovative approach to financial close, consolidation, and reporting has earned us well-deserved recognition as a leader in the FCCR space, and the 2023 Technology Innovation Award from Dresner reaffirms this. Our "out-of-the-box" solution empowers users with the flexibility to handle complex consolidation needs without rigid templates, while our focus on visibility and transparency grants full control and understanding over every step of the close process. Additionally, Fluence Technologies’ finance-owned and maintained philosophy ensures that our users are not reliant on IT or consultants for any changes or ongoing maintenance, fostering agility and self-sufficiency within the office of finance & accounting. The award is a testament that Fluence Technologies is embracing its role as an architect of change, and the road ahead promises more milestones in the realm of financial transformation and automation of complex tasks.

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The 2023 Technology Innovation Awards by Dresner Advisory Services are a major milestone for Fluence Technologies. As the financial landscape evolves, Fluence Technologies continues to lead the way in this transformative journey. Interested in transforming your FCCR process? Book time with Fluence today!

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Marketing Specialist
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